​ Everything in nature, the shape, texture and processes of natural phenomena serve as a source of inspiration for new approaches in the design of the building and human environment and offer us amazing solutions for architectural design.

Construction may be approaching natural processes in the future. This does not always have to be highly complex, but can bring astonishing added value for the individual buildings even in small implementations.


The task of “holistic construction” is expressed mainly in construction biology. 

All areas of biology (living being), construction (living environment) under the leadership of the logo (Greek: common sense) are interwined here.

If we make these terms work more intensively on us and feel more comfortable, we get a sense of security in the word “construction” directly related to the house, the home and the living.


The word „bios/bios“ also stands for vitality and the nature-related, for the purity of Mother Earth.


And the term “logos” means, the unity between the body,mind and the soul, the health and harmony of these three levels, and the humility of creation.  This can create an awe-inspiring feeling, which also shows and reflects the holiness of the whole.


The holistic construction is about striking a balance between ecology and economics in such a way that it corresponds to the present and does not harm what there is yet to come.


The task of “HOLISTIC BUILDING” is expressed here above all in building biology.


All areas of biology (living beings), building (living environment) under the guidance of the logo (bio-logy, Greek: reason) intertwine here.