For ten years now, we have been continuously expanding the field of holistic energy consulting and consulting for the procurement of all funding for construction and renovation measures.

Currently we accompany over 1800 construction projects. Our customer base includes almost 600 craft firms, over 60 architects, 44 home administrations, over 30 developers , 16 real estate agents, 9 product manufacturers, as well as numerous private and commercial clients.


There are a variety of ways to apply for funding regarding the renovation of residential buildings and non-residential buildings.  The KfW (credit institute for reconstruction), the BAFA (Federal Office for economics and export control) and the ESanMV (energetic renovation measures regulation), for example, offer the possibility to apply for direct subsidies and , low-interest loans including the respective repayment subsidies or tax refund options, if the requirements are met.


However, KfW and BAFA also offer subsidies for new residentail and non residentail buildings, which can be applied for.

With over 1800 analysis of funding annually, we are up-to-date, in order to be able to assemble the best possible variant from all of the funding pots. 


An individual energy concept is developed for each building, therefore, an on-site inspection and an inventory are carried out in advance and the existing plans as well as your desired measurements are taken into account in our concept.

The existing buildings are also recorded in 3D.



For new buildings, we have the possibility of transferring the architectural data to our balancing program via an interface or the building is designed in 3D. ​


Due to 3D-accounting of existing buildings or new buildings, we are able to carry out the thermal, building physics, energy and plant engineering in more detail.


On this basis, we can achieve the best possible result for you, both in terms of the building and the funding.


In order to ensure the quality of the newly planned buildings, it is essential in our opinion that all thermal bridges on buildings are not only considered, but also simulated in detail regarding their thermal properties. ​


It must be ensured that the isothermal system runs completely inside the component and no condesation water is formed on the surface oft he walls. The calculations for the minimum thermal protection can be carried out in detail means of thermal bridge planning.  


These calculations can also contribute to reaching the next higher stage of funding, as this improves the overall concept without having to change the measures already envisaged.


For critical components or even when the humidity gradient is examined in detail, we also simulate the component hygrothermal so that all factors such as capillary humidiy or stroke influence are considered.  


The term “sustainability” and the preservation of our livelihoods ist he first priority for green builiding desing, that take into account environmental technology.  Concepts of this type are distinguished in particular by their resource efficiency in the areas of energy, water and their material properties.

We design concepts for waste disposal technology, water supply, sewage technology and air purification .

Depending on the task, we consider the effects on the entire building life cycle and reduce the adverse effects on health and the environment in the planning.

As auditors, qualified by the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Society), we can advise, accompany and certify various Green Building Standards.