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TK Baupartner

According to the motto “building with heart” we want to leave more room to the variety and diversity in construction, so that thereby a harmonious unity can be formed.

In order to live up to this motto and to include all related concerns, such as architecture, engineering, construction technology and master craftsmanship, we have specialized in the interface management of all trades involved in construction for more than 12 years.

With a team of around 75 employees, we now supervise around 4000 renovation and construction projects every year and are pleased every day to welcome each new customer to whom we can offer advice and support.

We would be pleased to assist you with your building project.

Your TK Baupartner – Team.

„Ganzheitliches Bauen bildet die Einheit in der Vielfalt aller architektonischen Möglichkeiten, zur Schaffung von Wohlbehagen und Harmonie im Raum.“

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icon energy consulting

Energy consulting

Gladly we accompany you from the creation of an individual renovation roadmap up to balances of fully comprehensive energy concepts for residential and non-residential buildings.

icon subsidies


The field of subsidies is complex. According to your requirements you will receive a free and noncommittal subsidy analysis from us.

icon building services engineering

Building services engineering

With our building services engineering division, we form a correspondingly important interface between classic TGA planning and energy accounting for your construction projects.

icon architektur


Whether it is the planning of a dormer, an addition or apartment extension or complete renovation and new construction projects – we advise, accompany and plan your building project for you.

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// Architecture

icon investor-developer-consulting

Investor and developer consulting

The complexity of the interfaces and basic conditions can already constitute a certain challenge in the fundamental investigation. For this purpose it is important to include a holistic perspective, and it is precisely for this type of consulting that we provide investors and developers with advice and support.

icon nature building

Nature Building

Everything is connected with each other and forms the range of possibilities out of the variety of variations. Our mother earth, the energies connected with it, the working elements and their forces affecting, the people, their technology and buildings form in unison the foundation of a Nature Building, from the basic investigation to the execution planning.

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