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– Thomas Knopp

About me

Smelling, feeling, grasping, seeing and hearing develops life and expands, touching the “being”.

Before my first apprenticeship as a plasterer, construction sites made my heart beat faster at an early age. Old buildings with their individual character have always impressed me. I wanted to explore every corner in every room and see how it was arranged.

The decay and emergence of these old and new buildings were fascinating to me at the same time. After an apprenticeship in construction, two courses of study, construction and project management activities on large construction sites, initiation and monitoring of research projects, continuous further training, I listened to my heart 11 years ago and founded the company TK Baupartner. This was one of the best decisions in my life.

For almost 22 years now, I have been accompanied by the perspectives around all construction topics, from practice to deep into building physics.

Individual building concepts and appropriate building materials are a prerequisite for innovative, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient construction. This means that resources are used cost-effectively in areas where they add the most value and have the least impact on the environment and housing.

Knowledge of the most diverse materials, their occurrence in nature and their laws form the basis of all advice right up to building planning.

Building is a matter of the heart that requires a clear mind to implement.

In my opinion, this is only possible through harmonious and human cross-interface work.

As a team we are pleased to be a partner at your side.

„In everything we do, whether it’s consulting, designing or building, the intention we have in doing so is the deciding factor.“

– TK –