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The Team

Since the foundation of the company, we have grown steadily every year and now form a team of around 90 employees.

Our team is made up of a wide range of disciplines that are perfectly complementary in their expertise: Architecture, Supply and Environmental Technology, Building Technology, Building Physics and Technology, Civil Engineering, Energy Consulting and other various crafts.

Together with our unbeatable team in office management, we look forward to accompanying you in your construction and refurbishment projects and to working together to develop the best design for you.

As a team we are happy to be your partner.

Team Intro

“Your environment affects the space for potential and your potential in turn affects your environment. This wonderful interaction allows a team to reflect and grow in the “we”.”

– TK –

Portrait Thomas Knopp

Thomas Knopp

Founder and CEO

Portrait Peter Rack

Peter Rack


Portrait René Hägele

René Hägele


Portrait Heike Schurr

Heike Schurr

Project management

Portrait Daniel Siller

Daniel Siller

Construction and project management

Portrait Delia Schneider

Delia Schneider

Management engineering

Portrait Johannes Mertens

Johannes Mertens

Building and system simulation

Portrait Marcus Schurr

Marcus Schurr

Building Automation | Electrical Engineering

Portrait Simone Strübel

Simone Strübel

Accounting | Organization

Portrait Marcel Bareiß

Marcel Bareiß

Assistance of construction and project management

Portrait Asena Durgut

Asena Durgut

Assistance of the management and project management

Portrait Manuel Maier

Manuel Maier

Assistance of construction and project management

Portrait Stefan Timpel

Stefan Timpel

Technical drawing | Building services

Portrait Tanja Mayer

Tanja Mayer

Construction Engineering | Nature Building

Portrait Belén Merlo

Belén Merlo

Construction Engineering | Energetic Balancing

Portrait Maria Belen Rodriguez Ramallo

Maria Belen Rodriguez Ramallo


Portrait Anastasios Misios

Anastasios Misios

Construction Engineering | Building Physics

Portrait Alejandro Marini

Alejandro Marini


Portrait Mona Eckert

Mona Eckert

Architecture | Specialist planning

Portrait Sarah Reiterbauer

Sarah Reiterbauer

Building technology | Thermal bridge planning

Portrait Tugba Sin

Tugba Sin

Construction Engineering | Thermal bridge planning

Portrait Martin Stempfle

Martin Stempfle

Energy consulting | Expert

Portrait Dennis Heckenlaible

Dennis Heckenlaible

Energy consulting | Subsidies

Portrait Sascha Seitz

Sascha Seitz

Technical planning | Energy consulting

Portrait Steffen Djurcic

Steffen Djurcic

Architecture | Construction Management

Portrait Johannes Barthle

Johannes Barthle

Internship technical planning

Portrait Toni Bader

Toni Bader

Technical planning | Building services engineering

Portrait Pascal Hofmann

Pascal Hofmann

Energy consulting | Energy balancing

Portrait Jurij Tinis

Jurij Tinis

Building services engineering

Portrait Vincenzo Formaro

Vincenzo Formaro

Energy consulting | Architecture

Portrait Tim Jablonski

Tim Jablonski

Technical planning

Portrait Eva Maier

Eva Maier

Student trainee technical planning

Portrait Adina Ienciu

Adina Ienciu

Architecture | Building services engineering

Portrait Dominik Petsch

Dominik Petsch

Energy consulting | Expert

Portrait Yvonne Mai

Yvonne Mai

Technical drawing | Construction engineering

Portrait Marina Bogomolova

Marina Bogomolova

Technical system planning | Specialist planning

Portrait Jovan Pesic

Jovan Pesic

Construction drawing

Portrait Nicole Puntus

Nicole Puntus

Training construction drawing

Portrait Jonas Schicht

Jonas Schicht

Training construction drawing

Portrait Ezel Groiss

Ezel Groiss

Construction drawing | Building services

Portrait Marius Schwarzkopf

Marius Schwarzkopf

Dual study program civil engineering

Portrait Yusuf Can

Yusuf Can

Construction drawing

Portrait Carmen Rieger

Carmen Rieger

Construction drawing

Portrait Safie Boshnakova

Safie Boshnakova

Training construction drawing

Portrait Patrick Sorg

Patrick Sorg

Energy consulting | Building services engineering

Portrait Justine Rabia

Justine Rabia

Internship technical planning

Portrait Irem Türkeli

Irem Türkeli

Internship technical planning

Portrait Moritz Vetter

Moritz Vetter

Energy consulting | Building services engineering

Portrait Lukas Überle

Lukas Überle

Student trainee building services engineering

Portrait Nergkis Memet

Nergkis Memet

Infrastructural facility management

Portrait Leon Schurr

Leon Schurr

Building Automation | Electrical Engineering

Portrait Christian Greiner

Christian Greiner

Building Automation | Lighting Concepts

Portrait Kristian Benic

Kristian Benic

Construction management electrical engineering

Portrait Michael Neumann

Michael Neumann

Specialist planning electrical engineering

Portrait Cedric Eret

Cedric Eret

Electrical engineering

Portrait Laureen Rabia

Laureen Rabia

Technical system planning | Building services engineering

Portrait Lars Hiller

Lars Hiller

Building services engineering

Portrait Hulrich Sandjong

Hulrich Sandjong

Building services engineering | Systems engineering

Portrait Viktor Schäfer

Viktor Schäfer

Technical system planning | Building services engineering

Portrait Johannes Schabel

Johannes Schabel

Urban Gardening | Agriculture

Portrait Valentin Kunz

Valentin Kunz

Full Stack Development

Portrait Viktoria Buchholz

Viktoria Buchholz

Design | Communication

Portrait Johanna Eva Luz

Johanna Eva Luz

Project management | Digital transformation

Portrait Anja Richter

Anja Richter

Digital transformation | Project management

Portrait Maren Spindler

Maren Spindler

Marketing | Communication

Portrait Florentina Di Gianni

Florentina Di Gianni

Social Media Management

Portrait Carlotta Sorg

Carlotta Sorg

Graphic Design | Media Design

Portrait Anna Musa

Anna Musa

Student trainee Office Management

Portrait Jasmin Weller

Jasmin Weller

Working student marketing

Portrait Renata Aguirre

Renata Aguirre

Student trainee UX design

Portrait Eugen Bauer

Eugen Bauer

IT Administration

Portrait Marina Oefler

Marina Oefler

Office Management

Portrait Stefani Pavlekovic

Stefani Pavlekovic

Office Management

Portrait Birgit Hausenbiegl

Birgit Hausenbiegl

Office Management

Portrait Timo Österreicher

Timo Österreicher

Office Management

Portrait Magdalena Kasperek

Magdalena Kasperek

Office Management

Portrait Marlena Warthmann

Marlena Warthmann

Office Management

Portrait Elvira Bezner

Elvira Bezner

Office Management

Portrait Sina Langsam

Sina Langsam

Office Management

Portrait Andrea Djuricic

Andrea Djuricic

Office Management

Portrait Anna Naumann

Anna Naumann

Office Management

Portrait Regine Frank

Regine Frank

Office Management

Portrait Jessica Alltag

Jessica Alltag

Office Management

Portrait Marie Brießmann

Marie Brießmann

Office Management

Portrait Susanne Trunk

Susanne Trunk

Office Management

Portrait Sarah Servais

Sarah Servais

Office Management

Portrait Lara Knödler

Lara Knödler

Office Management

Portrait Gabriela Serafin

Gabriela Serafin

Office Management

Portrait Catalina Terlinden

Catalina Terlinden

Office Management

Portrait Celine Stütz

Celine Stütz

Office Management

Portrait Jil Schneider

Jil Schneider

Office Management

Portrait Veronika Herbinger

Veronika Herbinger

Office Management

Portrait Zada Licina

Zada Licina

Training Office Management

We are looking for you

TK Baupartner

We are looking for you

TK Baupartner