Architecture as universal art was already the subject of theoretical considerations in ancient times. From theoretical and mathematical considerations in connection with existing practical experience, the architects have understood their task to be able advise, plan and accompany them on an inderdisciplinary basis.

In this interdisciplinarity we too see our job. Through a holistic architecture, building and spatial art, building bionics, building biology and building technology combine in your design.

The Greek syllables “logos” (reason), “arch” (leadership) and “ur” (in the beginning) interwine in a holistic sense: Biology, architecture and culture form an entity. It reflects the origin and unity of life and the creative principle.

However, we understand our task not only to create harmonious and sustainable buildings and comfortable living space, but also to include the spirit of the place. Certain features of a location can be decisive here in terms of design. The value, character and usability often result from the location and embedding of a land in its surroundings.

But the “genius loci” does not consist solely of the nature of the land and the size of a plot of land, but also interacts with the atmosphere, energies and aura of a place.​

This is how we understand the task of involving all aspects of a construction project, in order to create the best possible design for your project.​

We see architecture as a holistic approach, as the creation of long-term values from a building artistic interest.


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