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We have been active in property consultancy and construction for over 20 years. With the experience of more than 7500 projects – including project developments, building refurbishments, probate properties and property brokerage – we are your trusted partner in the sector.

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Property and construction consultancy

From private individuals looking for their dream home to globally active companies, we offer customised solutions. Our advice is based on the expertise of our interdisciplinary team, which combines skills from the fields of architecture, building technology, building physics, energy consulting and craftsmanship. For specialised requirements, we call in external experts, particularly for tax and financial aspects.


Our interdisciplinary approach ensures that each project is tailored precisely to the client’s requirements. Integrity, discretion and the success of your project are our top priorities.


With a focus on quality, sustainability and return on investment, we act not only as consultants but also as intermediaries between clients, architects, planners and craftsmen. We are present on site to lead construction meetings and ensure quality assurance measures.


To summarise: We organise our services flexibly according to the individual needs of our customers and are always ready to respond to unexpected challenges.

Our services in detail

Complete project support: consulting, planning and realisation

Your contact for property projects

Determination of basic data

Analysing locations and regions

Investigation of building law conditions

Property transactions (purchase and sale)

Comprehensive project planning in accordance with HOAI service phases

Comprehensive energy efficiency evaluation and refurbishment planning

Construction supervision and project management

Management of interfaces and interactions

Quality assurance and monitoring

Expertise in the field of monument protection

Potential analysis for property projects

Profitability assessments and ROI analyses

Estate planning and tax benefit planning

Comparison and evaluation of credit institutions, building societies and development banks

Experience with over 2000 funding applications per year – Expertise in maximising funding

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Many years of extensive experience in the construction industry!

25 years of experience in the construction industry. Over 7500 successful funding applications.
Over 2000 construction projects per year.

Comprehensive advice, planning and support.

With us, you have a contact partner for your wishes and ideas, from the design to the completion of your building project.

Guaranteed maximum funding!

Thanks to our TK Academy, we are always up to date with the latest information on the best possible subsidies.

Frequently asked questions

We answer for you

How has the concept of real estate developed in Germany?

The term “real estate” has developed in Germany, as in many other countries, as a loanword from English and is often used to describe property and related topics. The use of this term has increased in recent decades as the property sector has become more global and the terminology from the international context has spread to Germany.


In Germany, the term “real estate” has become particularly common in connection with the commercial property industry and the investment market. It refers to property as an asset class and includes various types of property, such as residential property, commercial property, industrial property and more. The term “real estate” is often used in connection with property development, property financing, property investment and property management.


The increasing internationalisation of the real estate sector, the opening of the German market to foreign investors and the increased use of English-language terms in the business and financial world have also contributed to the spread of the term “real estate” in Germany. This term is therefore frequently used in the German property industry in connection with publications, discussions and business communication, particularly in an international context.


Finally, it should be noted that the term “real estate industry” is still widely used and common, especially in everyday life and in legal matters. “Real estate” is often used in a business or professional setting to emphasise the international dimension of the real estate industry.