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Decades of experience in all consulting, planning and technical activities on construction sites have made our portfolio in the area of consulting, planning and monitoring of renovation and new construction projects grow into an interdisciplinary, cross-interface and cross-trade company.

Currently, we accompany more than 3000 construction projects annually. Our customer base includes almost 1200 cooperation partners and meanwhile 9 product manufacturers as well as numerous private and commercial customers.

We would be glad to count you as one of our customers or construction partners in the future.

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// Energy consulting

For 11 years now, we have continuously developed the area of holistic energy consulting, beyond the minimum expert services.

From the creation of an individual renovation roadmap to the balancing of fully comprehensive energy concepts for residential and non-residential buildings for renovation and new construction projects, we also offer cross-interface consulting and planning services for building owners or companies generally involved in the project.

For construction projects, we have the option of transferring the architectural data to our balancing program or designing the building ourselves in 3D.

Due to the 3D balancing of the buildings in the inventory or in the new construction we are able to carry out all building-physical, energetic as well as system-technical calculations in more detail.

On this basis, we can obtain the best possible result for you in terms of the building as well as the subsidies.

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// Funding

There are a variety of ways to apply for funding regarding the renovation of residential buildings and non-residential buildings. The KfW (credit institute for reconstruction), the BAFA (Federal Office for economics and export control) and the ESanMV (energetic renovation measures regulation), for example, offer the possibility to apply for direct subsidies and, low-interest loans including the respective repayment subsidies or tax refund options, if the requirements are met.

However, KfW and BAFA also offer subsidies for new residential and non-residential buildings, which can be applied for.

With over 1800 analysis of funding annually, we are up-to-date, in order to be able to assemble the best possible variant from all the funding pots.

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// Building services engineering

An individual energy concept is developed for each building, therefore, an on-site inspection and an inventory are carried out in advance and the existing plans as well as your desired measurements are taken into account in our concept.

The existing buildings are also recorded in 3D. For new buildings, we have the possibility of transferring the architectural data to our balancing program via an interface or the building is designed in 3D.

Due to 3D-accounting of existing buildings or new buildings, we are able to carry out the thermal, building physics, energy and plant engineering in more detail.

On this basis, we can achieve the best possible result for you, both in terms of the building and the funding.

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// Architecture

Architecture as universal art was already the subject of theoretical considerations in ancient times. From theoretical and mathematical considerations in connection with existing practical experience, the architects have understood their task to be able to advise, plan and accompany them on an interdisciplinary basis.

In this interdisciplinarity we too see our job. Through a holistic architecture, building and spatial art, building bionics, building biology and building technology combine in your design.

The Greek syllables “logos” (reason), “arch” (leadership) and “ur” (in the beginning) intertwine in a holistic sense: Biology, architecture and culture form an entity. It reflects the origin and unity of life and the creative principle.

However, we understand our task not only to create harmonious and sustainable buildings and comfortable living space, but also to include the spirit of the place. Certain features of a location can be decisive here in terms of design. The value, character and usability often result from the location and embedding of a land in its surroundings.

But the “genius loci” does not consist solely of the nature of the land and the size of a plot of land, but also interacts with the atmosphere, energies and aura of a place.

This is how we understand the task of involving all aspects of a construction project, in order to create the best possible design for your project. We see architecture as a holistic approach, as the creation of long-term values from a building artistic interest.

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// Investor and developer consulting

The complexity of the interfaces and basic prerequisites can already present a certain challenge in the basic investigation. Here it is important to include a holistic perspective, and it is precisely for this type of consulting that we provide investors and builders with advice and support.

Through our holistic approach, we have specialized over 20 years in cross-trade and cross-interface construction management of all service phases.

The different and various qualifications of our employees interact in an interdisciplinary way and complement each other in their know-how.

Alongside our clients, we also act as a link and mediator to their architects, planners and craftsmen. We are glad to accompany you at weekly meetings and site inspections to the parallel superordinate quality management.

In a nutshell, we adapt our services to the corresponding requirement profile of the respective client and are pleased to react even at short notice in order to provide target- and solution-oriented support in the event of unexpected delays or difficulties in the construction process.

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// Nature Building

Everything in nature, the shape, texture and processes of natural phenomena serve as a source of inspiration for new approaches to the design of built and human environments and offer us amazing solutions for architectural design.

In the future, building may approach natural processes. This does not always have to be highly complex, but can bring amazing added value to individual buildings even in small implementations.

The mission to „holistic building“ is expressed here above all in building biology.

All areas of biology (beings), building (living environment) under the guidance of logos (greek: reason) mesh together here.

If we let these terms affect us more intensively and empathize, we get the feeling of security with the word „building“ or „construction“ in direct reference to the house, the home and the living.

The word „Bio/Bios“ also means the life vitality and the nature related, the pureness of Mother Earth.

And by the term „Logos“ we also further understand the unity between body, mind and spirit, the health and harmony of these three levels, as well as humility towards creation. This can cause a reverent feeling, which also shows and reflects the holistic nature to us.

Holistic construction is about balancing ecology and economy in such a way that it corresponds to today and does not harm the comming.

The following aspects are regarded in a certification to a Nature Building during the consultation, planning and monitoring:

  • Geomancy to create harmony between Mother Earth, the building that will later be placed on it and the people who will later live in it
  • Harmony between the four elements: fire, water, air and earth
  • Energy flows on the property and in the building
  • Appropriate adjustment of the building cubature from the point of view of building bionics
  • Everything in energetic harmony of the garden, trees and the surrounding nature
  • Corresponding building orientation (e.g. consideration of overhangs according to the sun at the location of construction)
  • All-encompassing view of all constructional possibilities on the building structure
  • Building with natural and energetic materials to create a comfortable living environment
  • Resource-efficient construction through minimalism in suitable places
  • Use of renewable energies
  • Air and water concepts
  • Circular concepts
  • Energy and eco-balancing
  • Construction biology and aspects of green building

„If we again value from the heart what is directly with us, give versatility a space and thereby allow different
perspectives for holistic processes, we can sustainably connect the local with the global.“

– TK –


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