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Professional heat load calculation
according to DIN EN 12831

Die Bundesförderung für effiziente Gebäude, kurz BEG, vereint frühere Programme zur Förderung von Energieeffizienz und erneuerbaren Energien im Gebäudebereich. Sie unterstützt eine Vielzahl von Maßnahmen, darunter den Einsatz neuer Heizungsanlagen, die Optimierung bestehender The Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings, or BEG for short, combines earlier programs to promote energy efficiency and renewable energies in the building sector. It supports a variety of measures, including the use of new heating systems, the optimization of existing heating systems, measures on the building envelope and the use of optimized system technology.Heizungsanlagen, Maßnahmen an der Gebäudehülle und die Verwendung optimierter Anlagentechnik.

– Energy consulting

What is the BEG?

The BEG is divided into three sub-programs:

  • Federal funding for efficient buildings – residential buildings (BEG WG)
  • Federal funding for efficient buildings – non-residential buildings (BEG NWG)
  • Federal funding for efficient buildings – individual measures (BEG EM)


Applications for the BEG EM program in the grant variant began on January 1, 2021 at BAFA. The BEG WG and BEG NWG (grant funding for local authorities and loan variant) are administered by KfW.


The BEG offers a wide range of funding programs for energy-efficient new buildings and renovations. You can choose between loan and grant variants. An important aspect is ensuring that the funds provided are used for the intended purpose and that the targets are actually achieved. For this reason, the BEG requires the confirmation of an expert in its CO2 building renovation programs and in the package of measures.

How does it work?

The expert checks and confirms the achievement of objectives in the subsidy application and after completion of the refurbishment to ensure that the refurbishment was successful. Finally, the energy quality of your property is documented in accordance with the boundary conditions determined in the course of the subsidy application, and it is confirmed that all measures have been implemented as planned.

The basic funding criteria are currently based on the calculated energy efficiency of the building. The more energy-efficient your house or apartment is once the measures have been completed, the more attractive the direct or repayment grants will be. However, it should be noted that the actual energy requirements of a building are influenced by various factors, including user behavior and production processes, which makes it difficult to produce realistic forecasts.

A start has been made on introducing additional weighting for other aspects such as the use of ecological building materials or the use of renewable energies when awarding grants. This is intended to ensure that the focus is not only on the theoretically calculated energy efficiency, but that other perspectives are also taken into account.

Costs and financing

However, it is important to note that some models can be very complex and opaque. In some cases, even particularly sustainable and innovative products that enable a circular economy are given little or no weighting. You should therefore carefully consider in your planning whether a corresponding sustainability certificate is worthwhile or whether an individual and innovative energy concept is more suitable for your building.

Our services include the preparation of DIN-compliant calculations that serve as the basis for profitability analyses in the area of systems engineering. We integrate holistic aspects such as sustainability, ecology, well-being and modern building technology into our concepts.

During concept development, we work closely with all project stakeholders and you to incorporate your wishes and ideas into the process. The design of the building has a decisive influence on energy consumption and long-term energy costs. It is therefore advisable to consider the most cost-effective long-term option during the planning phase, even if this requires a higher initial investment.

We will be happy to provide you with further information on the verification process.

Credit option: Our consultants will prepare all the necessary documents for your house bank. However, the final application is made via your house bank. It is important to ensure that your bank has submitted the documents after you have submitted them. We recommend that you check this and have it confirmed. Based on our many years of experience with over 7500 successfully supported applications, we know that occasionally submissions are forgotten, which can lead to problems with disbursement. The amount of the loan and the repayment subsidy varies depending on the subsidy program and energy efficiency standard.

Grant variant: The grant variant is particularly interesting for those who do not want to take out a loan and finance their project themselves. However, direct grants are now only available for individual measures and are submitted to BAFA.

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Frequently asked questions

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What documents are required for the BAFA subsidy application in the area of energy consulting?

The following documents are required for the BAFA subsidy application in the area of energy consulting:

– The completed application form from BAFA.

– A detailed offer from the energy consultant that transparently presents the planned consulting measures, the time schedule and the costs.

– The signature of the client (homeowner or company).

– If applicable, proof of the energy consultant’s expertise and qualifications.

As experts, we know our way around and will be happy to advise you on all questions without obligation.

What criteria must be met in order to receive funding from KfW for energy efficiency measures?

– The property must be located in Germany.

– The energy efficiency measures must meet the minimum technical requirements of KfW.

– The application must be submitted before the measures begin.

– The measures are carried out by a competent specialist company.

– Once the measures have been completed, the required documents, such as invoices and confirmations, must be submitted to KfW.

What role does the energy consultant play in KfW funding and how can he support the application?

The energy consultant plays a decisive role in KfW funding:

– He advises the client or owner on suitable energy efficiency measures.

– The energy consultant draws up an energy-efficient refurbishment roadmap or an expert opinion that proves the necessity and cost-effectiveness of the measures.

– The energy consultant can support the applicant with the application and ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted completely and correctly.

– The professional advice and support of the energy consultant can increase the chances of success of the subsidy claim.