Optimize your living space and save costs with our energy inventory!

As part of an on-site assessment, our energy consultants carry out a comprehensive investigation that focuses on several aspects of the building.

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How does an "on-site inventory" work?

Analysis of the building condition: The energy consultant assesses the general condition of the building, including the building fabric and technical systems. This includes checking the insulation, windows, heating system and other technical building systems.


Examination of the energy consumption data: The consultant also examines previous energy consumption data to obtain an overview of the building’s energy efficiency. This includes electricity, water and heat consumption.


Identification of energy leaks: An essential part of the on-site inventory is the identification of places where energy is being lost unnecessarily. This can be through leaky windows and doors, poorly insulated walls or inefficient heating and cooling systems.


Preparation of an energy efficiency report: After taking stock, the energy consultant prepares a detailed report containing the deficiencies identified and recommendations for improvements. This report may include suggestions for more efficient heating systems, improved insulation or the use of renewable energies.


The on-site assessment by our energy experts is the first step on the way to more efficient use of energy in your property.


It not only provides important information about the current status, but also offers tailor-made solutions for increasing energy efficiency.


The expertise and specialist knowledge that our experts bring to the process can help you save money and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.


We would be happy to advise you free of charge during an initial consultation. Simply arrange an initial consultation by telephone.

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Frequently asked questions

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Why is an on-site inventory important?

The on-site survey is essential to gain a comprehensive insight into the energy consumption of your building. By accurately analyzing heating and cooling systems, lighting, insulation and other relevant factors, we can develop specific and effective energy efficiency recommendations. This not only enables a targeted reduction in energy costs, but also contributes to sustainability by minimizing the ecological footprint.

How does the on-site inventory work?

Our on-site inventory is carried out by experienced energy consultants who perform a comprehensive analysis of your property. This includes inspecting all energy consumption components, collecting data on heating and cooling systems, lighting and other relevant equipment. The process, which usually takes a few hours, ensures a detailed data basis for our experts to develop tailor-made solutions to optimize energy efficiency.

What are the advantages of an on-site inventory?

An on-site inventory offers private individuals direct cost savings through customized energy efficiency recommendations. At the same time, it promotes environmental awareness by reducing the ecological footprint. Living comfort is improved by identifying and eliminating weak points in the building. This long-term investment not only increases the resale value of the property, but also reduces energy costs for years to come. It also provides access to subsidies and financial incentives for energy-efficient measures. All in all, the inventory is a worthwhile investment in your personal financial situation and a sustainable lifestyle.