monument protection

Monument protection and your property:

A guide to preserving historical values

Monument protection plays a crucial role in the preservation of cultural heritage and historic buildings. Our aim is to explain to you why monument protection is important and how you as a property owner can benefit from this protection.

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Holistic monument protection

Historic buildings lend streets, towns and regions an incomparable charm. However, in order to preserve their beauty and history, it is crucial to take the utmost care when planning measures. As energy consultants in the field of heritage conservation, we not only have certifications as experts and energy consultants, but also master craftsman qualifications in carpentry and plastering.


Our comprehensive know-how ranges from building physics and civil engineering to expertise as experienced specialist planners and building technicians. We accompany you through all phases of your project and, with our quality assurance, offer both you as the client and the fabric of your building security. We specialize in the protection of historic buildings and develop tailor-made solutions based on the unique characteristics of each individual building.


Even in the case of commercial use in listed buildings, we are able to offer solutions that do not impair operational processes or jeopardize commercial success.

Protection of the building fabric

In the case of buildings that are particularly worthy of protection, it is possible to deviate from the usual energy requirements if the planned measures would impair the appearance of the building or cause disproportionately high costs. These exceptions often relate to historic façades and windows that need to be upgraded in line with historic models.


Nevertheless, there are many ways to increase energy efficiency in protected buildings. The effect of individual measures depends on various factors, including the proportion of surface area and the degree of insulation of the building components.


We take into account the special requirements when working with historic buildings and support you in complying with the subsidy guidelines. We ensure that your refurbishment measures meet the requirements for the building envelope as well as the primary energy demand and the system technology.


Our services include specialist energy planning, construction supervision and coordination with the monument protection authorities. We help you to achieve the KfW Efficiency House Standard for listed buildings and guide you through the entire planning process.


Our expertise is based on comprehensive specialist knowledge of historical materials and craftsmanship techniques. We promote the exchange of experience and support you in the implementation of refurbishment measures.

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Latest news

The BEG enables tax depreciation for the refurbishment of listed buildings in accordance with Section 7i of the Income Tax Act. It is generally possible to combine this subsidy with other subsidies, provided that the Income Tax Act does not impose any restrictions. The exact assessment is carried out by the Federal Ministry of Finance or the responsible tax office. It is advisable to clearly separate measures and costs in order to avoid exceeding the cumulation limit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Most asked questions

We answer for you

What does monument protection mean and why is it important?

Monument protection is a measure aimed at preserving historically significant buildings, monuments and ensembles. Protection is intended to preserve cultural and historical values. Monument protection not only serves to create identity, but also contributes to the diversity and attractiveness of cities and communities.

What are the obligations and benefits for owners of listed properties?

Owners of listed properties are obliged to maintain their buildings in consultation with the monument protection authorities. This can entail certain requirements for renovations and modernizations. As an advantage, however, owners enjoy tax breaks and subsidies that ease the financial burden of preserving historic buildings.

What role does energy efficiency play in monument protection?

Energy efficiency is playing an increasingly important role in heritage conservation. Modern technologies make it possible to optimize the energy consumption of listed buildings without compromising their historical character. By integrating sustainable technologies, owners can not only meet monument protection requirements, but also reduce energy costs in the long term and set ecological standards.


Our experts will be happy to provide you with further information or specific advice. Contact us to find the best solutions for protecting your property together.