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Our experts are at your side with extensive specialist knowledge and services to help you find solutions in construction projects. Our primary goal is to avoid disputes on construction sites and, above all, to prevent construction stoppages.


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With expertise and heart to solve your problem

Our expertise covers a wide range of construction and construction project management issues. We recognize that construction projects are often complex and challenging undertakings where disagreements and conflicts can arise. At such times, we are ready to use our extensive experience and deep understanding of the issue at hand to work with you and the entire project team to find solutions.

With a network of over 1200 trade businesses, we see ourselves not only as a partner to our clients, but also as a partner to each individual trade business. This enables us to act as a link between different points of view, even in more complex issues.

Efficient construction management: a partnership approach to conflict resolution and cost minimization

For you as the client, it is important to know that we always act out of court. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we have extensive construction knowledge that extends deep into building physics, providing a solid basis for finding harmonious solutions to your project issues.

Our approach to finding solutions is based on a cooperative and collaborative approach. We work closely with all stakeholders to identify and resolve conflicts at an early stage before they escalate and lead to costly construction stoppages.

Our experts are committed to developing the best solutions for your specific concerns and we take great care to understand your individual needs and objectives. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to ensuring the successful and smooth completion of your construction projects.

In summary, as experts, we specialize in helping you find solutions, minimize disputes and avoid construction stoppages. We are your trusted partner, working out of court to achieve the best results for your construction project.

This approach saves everyone involved valuable energy, time and, above all, money.


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Monument protection

Mold damage

Damage to ETICS

Real estate valuation

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Our expertise for you

Many years of extensive experience in the construction industry!

25 years of experience in the construction industry. Over 7500 successful funding applications.
Over 2000 construction projects per year.

Comprehensive advice, planning and support.

With us, you have a contact partner for your wishes and ideas, from the design to the completion of your building project.

Guaranteed maximum funding!

Thanks to our TK Academy, we are always up to date with the latest information on the best possible subsidies.

Monument protection

Our services as energy consultants for the protection of historic buildings

Historic buildings lend streets, towns and regions an incomparable charm. However, in order to preserve their beauty and history, it is crucial to take the utmost care when planning measures. As energy consultants in the field of heritage conservation, we not only have certifications as experts and energy consultants, but also master craftsman qualifications in carpentry and plastering.

Our comprehensive know-how ranges from building physics and civil engineering to expertise as experienced specialist planners and building technicians. We accompany you through all phases of your project and, with our quality assurance, offer both you as the client and the fabric of your building security. We specialize in the protection of historic buildings and develop tailor-made solutions based on the unique characteristics of each individual building.

Even for commercial use in listed buildings, we are able to offer solutions that do not impair operational processes or jeopardize commercial success.

In the case of buildings that are particularly worthy of protection, it is possible to deviate from the usual energy requirements if the planned measures would impair the appearance of the building or cause disproportionately high costs. These exceptions often relate to historic façades and windows that need to be upgraded in line with historic models.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to increase energy efficiency in protected buildings. The effect of individual measures depends on various factors, including the proportion of surface area and the degree of insulation of the building components.

We take into account the special requirements when working with historic buildings and support you in complying with the subsidy guidelines. We ensure that your refurbishment measures meet the requirements for the building envelope as well as the primary energy demand and the system technology.

Our services include specialist energy planning, construction supervision and coordination with the monument protection authorities. We help you to achieve the KfW efficiency house standard for listed buildings and guide you through the entire planning process.

Our expertise is based on comprehensive specialist knowledge of historical materials and craftsmanship techniques. We promote the exchange of experience and support you in the implementation of renovation measures.

Latest news:

The BEG enables tax depreciation for the refurbishment of historic buildings in accordance with Section 7i of the German Income Tax Act. It is generally possible to combine this subsidy with other subsidies, provided that the Income Tax Act does not impose any restrictions. The exact assessment is carried out by the Federal Ministry of Finance or the responsible tax office. It is advisable to clearly separate measures and costs in order to avoid exceeding the cumulation limit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mold damage

Our experts are here to help you with
mold problems with sound advice

Mold in apartments and houses is more than just an aesthetic problem. Not only can it damage the fabric of the building, it can also pose considerable health risks to the occupants. In such situations, it is crucial to seek professional advice in good time. Our experts are able to determine the severity of the infestation, identify the causes and suggest solutions for removing the mold.

There are different degrees of mold infestation, and it is not always necessary to hire a mold expert!


Unproblematic mold infestation:

  • There are only superficial, isolated spots of mold that are no larger than approx. 10-15 cm.

  • The mold infestation is limited to a single spot in a room.

  • These are mold stains (discolorations) on the substrate, with no signs of water damage or other problems.
    In these cases, the mold is harmless from a health and structural point of view and you can remove it yourself.
    However, there are situations in which you should definitely seek advice!


Low to medium mold infestation:

  • There is superficial mold growth or mildew stains in a single spot in a room.
  • The affected area is no larger than 20 cm.
  • The mold is sporadically present on less than 0.5 square meters.
  • There are no signs of water damage or other problems.


Large mold infestation:

  • There are isolated mold or mildew stains in the building over an area of more than 0.5 square meters.
  • There is dense, extensive mold growth that is significantly larger than 20 cm.
  • The mold spreads into deeper layers.
  • Mold or mildew stains are in several places in the same room or in different rooms and affect a total of ten square meters.
  • There is a distinct smell of mold, even if there is no visible mold growth.
  • There are no signs of water damage or other problems.

In these cases, there is a health risk and the mold can attack the building fabric. Self-removal is no longer advisable and the appointment of a mold expert is essential to prevent serious problems that could, in the worst case, make the building uninhabitable!

Our services are then as follows:

If mold infestation is suspected, we inspect the affected rooms to determine the extent of the infestation and identify the causes of the increased moisture.


We measure important building physics parameters such as room temperature, room humidity, material moisture and surface temperature. We also analyze the structural conditions (such as any thermal bridges) and take into account information about the affected room, its use and possible external factors that could promote mould growth.

After the on-site investigation, a decision is made as to whether further investigations and measurements are required to clarify the exact causes and extent of the mold infestation.


It is important to emphasize that a professional assessment of a mould infestation is not possible without a thorough on-site investigation by a mould expert. Independent measurements or tests, such as rapid mold test kits, are generally not sufficient on their own for a reliable diagnosis and should not be considered a substitute for professional expertise.

Damage to WDVS


As experts in ETICS (external thermal insulation composite systems) façade defects and damage, we are your reliable partner for potential problems at all stages of construction:

Accurate planning of ETICS façades is crucial, as it influences the building-related requirements and the selection of suitable external thermal insulation composite systems. We check for you whether the statutory regulations and generally recognized building technology standards have been complied with, as planning errors can have far-reaching consequences. We rely on professional work planning, especially at the interfaces to the roof and base as well as at component connections, in order to avoid defects from the outset.


Construction supervision is crucial to ensure the quality of planning during execution. We identify discrepancies between planning and execution at an early stage and document deviations in the construction diary in order to define clear responsibilities.


We carry out a thorough inspection to ensure that the substrate and climatic conditions are suitable. We avoid common sources of error such as low material usage, open joints and insufficient layer thicknesses when applying plaster. Fire protection and moisture protection are an integral part of our work to prevent hidden defects in the future.

We are always up to date with the latest developments.

New building regulations:

The amended building regulations have led to a strict separation of requirements for construction products and types of construction. This requires us to adapt our planning, construction supervision and construction work in order to continue to meet the highest quality standards.


Overall, we are your dedicated partner who supports you at every stage of the construction process to prevent and rectify defects and damage to ETICS façades. Our top priority is to adhere to the highest quality standards and legal regulations to ensure long-lasting and safe buildings.

Real estate valuation

Our services as real estate appraisers

Property valuation is an essential step in determining the exact value of a property. This professional process takes into account a variety of factors to determine an extremely accurate market value.


The importance of a real estate valuation is significant for various reasons:


Sale of a property:

An accurate valuation allows you to set a fair selling price to attract potential buyers.


Purchase of a property:

A valuation will help you identify the appropriate market price to ensure you are not overpaying.


Donation of real estate:

A valuation protects against unwanted tax conflicts with the tax office.


Inheritance of real estate:

It enables a fair distribution of assets among the heirs.


Settlement of inheritance:

A valuation supports the fair distribution of the deceased’s assets.



It helps to determine accrued gains during a divorce.

Our experts understand the essential importance of an accurate property valuation. We use proven methods and up-to-date market data to determine the exact value of your property. We analyze various criteria such as location, size, condition, amenities and comparable sales or rental prices of similar properties in your area.

Our primary goal is to provide you with a solid basis for your real estate decisions. Our detailed valuation reports provide you with clear insights into the current market value of your property. Regardless of whether you need the value for a purchase, sale, divorce, gift or inheritance – our professional property valuation gives you peace of mind and supports you in your decisions. Rely on our expertise and experience for a reliable valuation of your property.

On request, we can add a potential analysis to the property valuation. We draw up a roadmap for potential buyers that shows what options are available in terms of extending living space, adding a dormer window or a comprehensive renovation, for example to create a multi-generational home. We also integrate a subsidy analysis and show which subsidies or banks are available for financing.

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