Nature Building

Nature in all its facets

– be it in its form, its texture or its natural processes – serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for new approaches to the design of our built environment. It offers us amazing solutions for architectural design.

The future of construction should increasingly move closer to natural processes. This does not necessarily have to be complex; even small adjustments can create considerable added value for individual buildings.

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Holistic building

The idea of “holistic building” is expressed in particular in building biology. Here, the different areas of biology, construction and reason merge into a harmonious whole.

If we allow these terms to have a more intensive effect on us and empathize with them, we get a feeling of security when we hear the word “building” in direct relation to the house, home and living. The word “Bio/Bios” also stands for vitality and nature, for the purity of Mother Earth. And by the term “Logos” we also understand the unity between body, mind and soul, the health and harmony of these three levels as well as humility towards creation.

This can trigger a reverent feeling, which also demonstrates and reflects our holistic approach.

Holistic building aims to achieve a balance between ecology and economy that meets both current requirements and the needs of future generations.

The following aspects are considered when certifying a Nature Building

certification during consultation, planning and support:

Geomancy and earth healing to create harmony between Mother Earth, the building that will later stand on it and the people living in it

Harmony between the elements of fire, water, air and earth

Energy flows on the property and in the building

Harmony between the elements of fire, water, air and earth

Appropriate adaptation of the building cubature from the perspective of building bionics

Everything in energetic harmony with the garden, the trees and the surrounding nature

Appropriate building orientation (e.g. consideration of the overhangs according to the sun at the construction site)

Holistic consideration of all design options on the building

Building with natural and energy-efficient building materials to create a comfortable living environment

Resource-saving construction through minimalism in suitable places

Use of renewable energies

Air and water concepts

Circulatory concepts

Energy and life cycle assessments

Building biology and aspects of green building

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Frequently asked questions

We answer for you

What exactly is done during an earth healing, what is geomantic work and why can a land revitalization be the foundation stone for any building to be constructed?

Every country has its own history.

Under the cosmic law of “cause and effect”, everything that happens leaves its individual imprint on their fields, spaces and countries.

Who doesn’t know the feeling of entering a building in which you don’t feel comfortable and intuitively know that there is something “hanging in the room”. On the other hand, surely everyone knows the feeling of encountering rooms or certain places where you say “this is truly a place to recharge your batteries”.

This results in an interplay between the most diverse energy patterns from the most diverse times, which still have their effect in the present as if stored away, and the all-encompassing natural energies that have a physical effect from the earth and in nature.

In addition to the physical influences on land, space, buildings and people, which can be understood with expertise, we are also subject to influences that cannot be immediately detected by our normal sensory organs.

According to what is allowed to happen, all these aspects and influences are also examined during a land healing.

Energy does not fade, but energy is changeable, transformable.

“We are not human beings having a cosmic experience, but cosmic beings having a human experience”